Orange County Poverty Alleviation Coalition (OCPAC) directly serves, organizes, advocates, and litigates on behalf of those experiencing poverty and homelessness.

We believe every person deserves to exist, belong, and thrive.

Our work is guided by regular outreach to people living on the streets, along railroad tracks and in freeway overpasses throughout Orange County.

In each encounter, our volunteers work to understand the experience and needs of the people they meet and to connect them with services and resources to immediately improve their circumstances.

Back at our desks, these interactions drive our systems-level advocacy and litigation. Informed by the outreach work and coordination with OCPAC members and partners, we secure legislation, programs, and services to ultimately address and prevent local poverty.

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OCPAC was founded in 2017. The Board of Directors includes Mohammed Aly, Rebecca Kovacs-Stein, and Darren Veracruz. Our work is possible thanks to donations from people like you, foundation grants, and the efforts of our committed volunteers.

Please note: to avoid conflicts of interest, we do not contract with local government.